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Our Mission

The 3 Pillars


Greater Awareness
It’s all about the “Keys” to preventing “Lyme” disease.

Did you know that the number of new cases of Lyme each year surpasses that of Breast Cancer and HIV?!  But, why is it so difficult for many to get diagnosed?  That is because this disease mimics so many other diseases like MS, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Lupus, ALS, Alzheimer’s, and the list can go on….


Lyme Disease is a very devastating and debilitating disease that many people don’t know much about, which is why greater awareness is key to prevent more people from being affected by the disease.


KeyLyme™ – the combination of two little words, “Key” and “Lyme” – was established to create greater awareness around Lyme disease, educate the community about this debilitating disease and educate on ways to prevent the disease from taking over your own life.


More awareness, research, and accurate testing are key to getting more people diagnosed correctly in the early stages of Lyme before it becomes chronic.


The foundation of KeyLyme™ is based upon three pillars: greater awareness, education and prevention.


1.  Greater Awareness

Greater awareness will begin as Lyme disease continues to be talked about more publicly and personal stories are shared. Lyme disease can mimic so many other diseases and the testing is inaccurate, which makes it very difficult to diagnose.


Our hope is that the continued advocacy and shared stories of Chronic Lyme suffers can act as a trigger for those struggling to get a diagnosis. Sharing stories not only creates awareness, but it aids in the understanding of what a loved one, significant other, family member, friend or co-worker is going through.


2.  Education

You are well ahead of the game by educating yourself about the disease; it’s symptoms, treatments and appropriate doctors! Education is your best defense against Lyme disease. Did you know you could test your tick and learn more about the disease from the tick, then testing yourself!


3.  Prevention

You are setting yourself up for success by being aware of the disease, educating yourself, and knowing the keys to preventing Lyme disease. Make sure you know the symptoms, use repellents, search for ticks after being outdoors, and seek immediate attention if a tick has bitten you.


Lyme Disease is 100% curable if diagnosed and treated early. So don’t wait and delay to investigate your symptoms - seek medical treatment immediately by the appropriate Lyme literate doctor, if necessary!

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