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ALL NATURAL - Insect & Tick Repellent

All natural, deet free deterrent with geranium, citronella, cedar wood, and lemongrass essential oils blended with organic aloe vera to repel insects, mosquitos and ticks.  Smells great, no sticky residue, last for hours!


This deterrent is made using the essential oils from plants that ticks and mosquitos have a natural aversion to in the wild. You can't always prevent a tick from getting on you in the first place, but if you have something safe and natural on your skin that they don't like, you can help prevent them from staying on you and attaching. No preventative measure works 100% of the time. The best thing you can do is wear shoes, socks, and long pants in combination with using a long lasting, effective preventative repellent like this one.


  • All-natural, no chemical substances

  • Safe for adults, kids & pets 

  • Made with organic essential oils

  • Deet-free

  • Made in the USA


*5% of all net proceeds are donated directly to The National Capital Lyme Disease Association.


KeyLyme vs. The Tick
Not sure if all-natural, deet-free repellent works?! Check out how a live tick responds to KeyLyme's All Natural Insect, Mosquito & Tick Repellent!

Now available at the following locations:

Bean Bar

1601 Village Market Blvd SE, Leesburg, VA

(703) 777-7200


Golden Health Pharmacy

46950 Community Plaza #112, Sterling, VA

(703) 430-8883

Healthy By Nature

305 E Market St, Leesburg, VA

(703) 443-6632

La Dolce V

281 Main Ave, Stirling, NJ

(908) 604-6600

Restore Physical Therapy & Wellness

44927 George Washington Blvd

Ashburn, VA 20147

Stone Tower Winery

19925 Hogback Mountain Rd, Leesburg, VA

(703) 777-2797

Temple Training

604 South King St #6

Leesburg, VA 20175

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