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NatCapLyme: Loudoun Support Group

We are meeting virtually via Zoom due to COVID

4th Sunday of Every Month

Noon - 2pm

Do you suspect you have Lyme disease but are struggling to get a definitive diagnosis? Were you recently diagnosed and wondering what to do next to regain control of your health? Have you been living with Lyme for years and looking for ways to help others with the disease? 


Do you have Lyme, or suspect you have Lyme, and just want to spend a little time with people who get what you’re going through? 


When you have Lyme, you often have more questions than answers about the state of your health. Your friends and family can listen, but unless they have Lyme, they don’t fully understand what you’re dealing with. (And it’s probably difficult for you to explain, too. How do you articulate something that doesn’t even make sense to you?) 


NatCapLyme’s Loudoun Chapter is committed to bringing community members struggling with Lyme together, and these meetings are just one of the many ways. 

You don’t have to explain yourself here. We just get it. 


Come and share your story or offer advice on what’s worked for you. Come and ask questions and find help in the local community. Or come and just listen. 


There’s no pressure to talk. The meetings are 100% free, and there’s no commitment to join us on a regular basis.

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