Keep you and your family safe!

All natural, DEET-FREE deterrent

Made with organic essential oils & aloe vera

Repel insects, mosquitos and ticks

Last for hours!

The scary truth about Lyme & why prevention is key!


fewer than 50% of patients found a tick,
experience a tick bite
or bulls-eye rash


some studies have indicated up to 50% of patients tested received false negative results


# of new cases of lyme disease 
diagnosed on an annual basis


infectious disease in the country, surpassing the cases of Breast Cancer & HIV!

Why KeyLyme's All-Natural Repellent?

Repels Ticks & Mosquitos
Repels Ticks & Mosquitos

DEET-FREE deterrent that repels ticks, mosquitos, and other insects naturally!

Made with Essential Oils
Made with Essential Oils

Made with organic geranium, citronella, cedar wood, and lemongrass essential oils

Safe for Adults, Kids & Pets
Safe for Adults, Kids & Pets

KeyLyme's All-Natural Repellent is safe for the entire family - adults, kids & pets!

All-Natural Repellent
All-Natural Repellent

All natural, DEET-FREE deterrent made in the U.S. with no chemical substances.

Great for Hiking, Camping & Golf
Great for Hiking, Camping & Golf

Take KeyLyme on your next adventure to repel ticks, mosquitos & other insects

Made with Aloe Vera
Made with Aloe Vera

Made with organic aloe vera. Smells great, no sticky residue, and LASTS FOR HOURS!

KeyLyme's All-Natural Insect, Tick & Mosquito Repellent


This deterrent is made using the essential oils from plants that ticks and mosquitos have a natural aversion to in the wild.


You can't always prevent a tick from getting on you in the first place, but if you have something safe and natural on your skin that they don't like, you can help prevent them from staying on you and attaching.


  • All-natural, no chemical substances

  • Safe for adults, kids & pets 

  • Made with organic essential oils

  • Deet-free

  • Made in the USA

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What Our Customer's Are Saying

"I applied KeyLyme before I was going out into a traditionally high tick area as a preventive measure and I saw 100% success. Normally I would have to pull at least a few ticks off myself, but after using KeyLyme's Insect & Tick Repellent, I didn't find any.  My friends who chose not to use this great product weren't so lucky." 

- Matt B., Purcellville, VA

"I love that this is an effective all natural preventative spray that smells good and is nice and light and not over powering or greasy. Best all natural and effective product like this that I have used, and I've used, and concocted many!" 

- Erica E., Sarasota, FL

"This is by far the best bug spray I've used and owned. I am pregnant right now and live in Florida. I wanted a spray that wouldn't harm me or my family. Beside this spray being all natural and keeping the itchy bugs off, it smells so GOOD!!!!! I give it 5 stars!!"

- Kristi Lynn B., Sarasota FL

The story behind KeyLyme....

A Note from the Founder:
"I felt a little off, but couldn’t explain it and wrote off a lot of my symptoms because they were minor everyday things that normal people encounter – aches and fatigue...."  Click here to read more
The Start of KeyLyme with Rex & Jaclyn
It all started when they were bit by a tick and didn't even know it.....  A short video clip  as to why KeyLyme was created in the first place.