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Lyme Disease is the #1

infectious disease in the country. . .

. . .surpassing the number of cases

of Breast Cancer & HIV


fewer than 50% of patients found a tick,
experience a tick bite
or bulls-eye rash


# of new cases of lyme disease diagnosed each year


some studies have indicated up to 50% of patients tested received false negative results
"It all started when I was bit by a tick and didn't even know it....." Read More

I think this is a great idea. Loudoun is overrun with people who have been gravely harmed by undiagnosed Lyme disease.  I have been hit with Lyme twice, but was lucky enough to spot the large bulls eye swollen area around the bite both times and get started on antibiotics immediately. Thankfully it has not recurred. One gal we know has had to deal with a severe case, and has suffered from many of the symptoms for six years of her young life.  She is just beginning to feel well again, after six years of treatment, and heading off to college in the Fall.  Greater public awareness of the precautions and remedies on your list are key to prevention of many infections and severe symptoms of undiagnosed Lyme disease!"

Mouncey Ferguson

Purcellville, VA

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This organization has raised my awareness 100% about Lyme, an epidemic in this area. This natural repellent, regular tick checks and my new found knowledge of the disease have kept me Lyme free.  All of these things are available to you and KeyLyme is the reason I know about these "keys" to:  prevention,  testing (you can even test your tick, it's easy!), treatment by Lyme literate doctors, maintenance with diet, and support groups.  Thank you KeyLyme for your passion in helping people (and pets!) cope with this very real yet controversial disease that so many of my loved ones are living with today."

Meredith Wilson

Charles Town, WV

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Insect & Tick Repellent


You can't always prevent a tick from getting on you in the first place, but if you have something safe and natural on your skin that they don't like, you can help prevent them from staying on you and attaching.  


Made with geranium, citronella, cedar wood, and lemongrass essential oils to repel insects, mosquitos and ticks!


"Take care of your body. It's the only place you have to live."



I love that this is an effective all natural preventative spray that smells good and is nice and light and not over powering or greasy. Best all natural and effective product like this that I have used, and I've used, and concocted many!

Erica Elliott

Sarasota, FL

I applied KeyLyme before I was going out into a traditionally high tick area as a preventive measure and I saw 100% success. Normally I would have to pull at least a few ticks off myself, but after using KeyLyme's Insect & Tick Repellent, I didn't find any.  My friends who chose not to use this great product weren't so lucky.

Matt Brubaker

Purcellville, VA

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of all net proceeds are donated to The National Capital Lyme Disease Association.


of all net proceeds are donated to The National Capital Lyme Disease Association.
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